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Kiki & Peter’s Story

John Imhoff is a dishonorable contractor and a con man. He was in charge of a remodel of mine and, among other infractions, used an unlicensed HVAC contractor to put in the new AC and furnace units. The units were not properly installed or ventilated out from the attic and carbon monoxide was leaking into the home. Someone could have died! Thankfully, no one was living in the home at the time. Additionally, one unit was installed upside down.  A reputable licensed HVAC company spent weeks repairing the installation and cost well over $10,000.

Additionally, he did not use a licensed plumber and the hot and cold water lines were crossed in four different places. The mix of cold and hot water blew back into the hot water heaters, destroying them. Also, the hot and cold water taps were installed upside down and backwards in one of the bathrooms. The master plumber, who came to fix all of these issues, spent over three weeks at the home resolving all of these issues and had to cut holes in the sheet rock, walls and ceilings to access the plumbing lines. John Imhoff knowingly tried to cover the poor workmanship with tile, sheetrock, kitchen cabinets, etc. Once the plumbing repairs were completed, including the new hot water heater, the bill came to over $11,000.  The additional cosmetic repairs that had to be made in the ceiling, walls etc. added a few thousand to the repair bill. He costs us thousands of dollars in follow-up repairs in other areas of the remodel as well, such as electric and flooring.

In addition to cheating us and costing us tens of thousands of dollars, we found out that he either did not pay numerous subcontractors the amounts they were owed or deliberately shorted them a few hundred dollars here and there.

When informed about the numerous problems, he initially promised to fix them, but always changed the times and ultimately never showed up. He also blamed everyone else for the problems and refused to take responsibility for the poor work product. He is completely unprofessional and refuses to warranty his work product.  He is a liar and a cheat completely lacks the expertise, knowledge, integrity and ability to work on anyone’s home. Don’t be fooled, he is a crook and a liar and a lifelong con man with a long trail of victims in his wake.

Kiki G and Peter G

Donovan’s Story

I hired John Imhoff to do the work on my house. He was hired as the General Contractor and was to oversee the construction of the framing, roofing, masonry, etc.

Our agreement was he was not to be paid until the framing passed inspection and I did this knowing how unscrupulous a lot of contractors are these days.   He agreed, in writing.  However, we amended our agreement to do the roofing as well and he requested a deposit for the roofing materials and to pay the roofer 50% up front.

Mr. John Imhoff took a deposit which was to be used for roofing materials and to pay the roofer and instead he took the money and refused to produce either the roofing materials or the roofing labor after weeks of requests and demand.

Ultimately, when confronted, he refused to return phone calls or to produce the materials he was supposed to have purchased.

This man is a liar, and a cheat. He also failed to pay ANY of his subcontractors ANYTHING after they had done 80% of the work leaving me open for litigation by HIS subcontractors. He also planned to steal the remaining material (lumber/etc. that I paid for directly) that was left over and resell it for a profit under the guise of “cleaning up the site”.

It also became quite clear to me also that this man knows nothing about construction. I knew far more than he did.

Use him and regret it!!!!